PETS (an acronym for Process Electron Tilt Series) is a computer program for processing of electron diffraction data, especially for data from a tilt series of diffraction patterns.

PETS is a single executable which needs no installation. However, PETS uses the library libtiff ( for reading the diffraction images in TIFF format. The corresponding dlls must be present on your system. If libtiff is not installed (or you are not sure), download the archive from the download table below. This archive contains the executable and the dlls.

PETS has no graphical interface and it uses the program ImageJ ( for displaying the output. ImageJ must be installed on your computer prior to running PETS. If ImageJ is installed in one of the standard locations, PETS will locate it automatically. Otherwise you need to define an appropriate system variable. Detailed instructions can be found after the first launch of PETS.

PETS works in close connection with Jana2006 ( Although not strictly required by PETS, it is convenient to have Jana2006 installed on your computer. Jana is used for indexing the reciprocal lattice extracted by PETS and can be conveniently used to import the intensity data extracted by PETS and to make furter steps in the structure analysis (sysmmetry determination, structure solution, structure refinement).

PETS is a freely distributed software for non-commercial use. See the license agreement for details. PETS is still in development and it has only limited runtime error diagnostics and documentation. All use of the program is at your own risk.

The key features of PETS are:
- Peak hunting and processing in reciprocal space
- Preparation of 3D data for indexing in Jana2006
- Integration of intensity data for kinematical and also dynamical refinement
- Calculation of 3D reconstruction of intensity distribution in reciprocal space (to be viewed e.g. by UCSF Chimera or Vesta)
- Calculation of arbitrary 2D sections of reciprocal space (aka "precession images")

To get started with PETS you may use the collection of tutorials for Jana2006 (called the Jana Cookbook, available at, including raw electron diffraction data. There is a section on electron diffraction in the cookbook, which includes tutorials on data processing with PETS.
zip archive with the executable and dlls
executable only (for updates)
brief manual